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Most people think of needing a locksmith when you get locked out of your home or car. But Locksmith Brooklyn Heights Services 24/7 can help you with many needs around your home. Professionally trained residential locksmiths are available for everything from basic maintenance to more serious safety concerns.

Call Locksmith Brooklyn Heights for an evaluation of the locksmith needs around your house and let us show you how we can help.

Locksmith Services Brooklyn Heights 24/7 home locksmiths provide the following services:

›› Installation of new deadbolt locks
›› Window locks installed
›› Patio door locks installed
›› Re-key existing locks
›› Repair door locks
›› Installation of a home safe
›› Repair jammed or broken door locks

Our home locksmiths will come to your house, evaluate your current locks, and any safety concerns you have, and then create a plan for your doors, windows, even locking up firearms or important papers in a safe. We at Locksmith Brooklyn Heights want to make you feel the way you should feel at your own home – safe and secure.

Residential Builders

For new home construction, Locksmith Brooklyn Heights 24/7 will meet with you to determine a lock plan for your entire project.

We specialize in new construction projects and will be happy to provide you with a detailed plan and cost estimate to provide materials and installation.

Brooklyn Heights Locksmith Services 24/7 - making sure your home is safe.

Contact us at Brooklyn Heights Locksmith 718-504-7333

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